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Nearest The Pin & Longest Drive

If you're having a poor day on the course, there is always the fall back of our Nearest The Pin & Long Drive competitions. Maybe you saved all your luck for that final par 3?

You pull a luminous yellow Top Flite ball from the depths of your bag. Straight up to the tee, barely waiting for the green to clear before addressing your ball. That one crisp 7 iron that comes right out the middle of the club face.  It's the shot you've dreamt of all day, the noise it makes as you clock it right in the sweet-spot. You let out a little squeal, look towards your mates & give them the 'undress me' eyes. The gallery stands as they spot your ball hurling towards the flag. Sun beaming in your face yet you track it all the way as it drops out the sky, checks, little bit of backspin 👀 and plops 1 foot from the hole and inside the marker....

Or maybe you hit it in the drink, who knows 🤔

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March- Sept 2024: The Road To The Belfry

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